Digital Commerce

What is Digital Commerce?

The term Digital Commerce has grown in recognition throughout the industry over the last few years as the breadth of digital channels has increased and global technology companies, such as Google, Apple and Facebook, have taken the term mainstream and established core teams to manage their organisations Digital Commerce activities.

So what is Digital Commerce?
Digital Commerce primarily refers to the activity of buying and selling goods or services through digital channels, however can also incorporate the entire process of developing, marketing, servicing, selling and ultimately paying for products.

The Digital Commerce term is as an evolution of the phrase E-Commerce, which encompasses the same definition but is usually linked with the internet and computer activities.

However, as the web has grown and new digital technologies have been created, the opportunity to drive commercial activities through digital channels has grown with it.

Organisations can now generate revenue through a multitude of digital channels incorporating Mobile Commerce and mobile payments, Social Commerce through social media platforms such as Facebook, and even Local Commerce utilizing GPS technology to deliver relevant deals to consumers based on their location.

So I hope that helps clarify Digital Commerce, if you are after more information on how your business may benefit from digital channels subscribe to my blog for future updates!


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