Top 10 take aways from iStrategy

I spent the early part of last week attending the iStrategy Global Digital Conference in Sydney, Australia (sponsored by PwC’s Digital Change consulting practise). The event lasted two days with an array of speakers across multiple industries and locations.

My personal highlights included Andy Lark (CMOO – Chief Marketing and Online Officer, Commbank), James Miner (SVP, Digital media – ESPN) and Nic Cola (CEO, Fairfax Media), who all provided invaluable insights into their businesses with a strong understanding of the changing landscape of the digital consumer and the impacts this has on businesses.

As a summary I have pulled together my top 10 take aways from the conference:

  1. Email is dying, 07/11 was the month that social media usage overtook email
  2. Build for mobile first is a must these days, by 2014 mobile consumer usage is expected to eclipse desktop usage
  3. Mobile search grown 3000% in 3 years. Peak traffic is on weekends, daily peak is evenings (couch time) (opposite to desktop usage)
  4. 80-90% of mobile users watch tv with a device in hand
  5. 23% of internet usage time is spent on social networks (Coke has over 160m views on its YouTube channel, only 21m is related to content Coke produced – the rest is user generated content)
  6. 23% of social media messages include links
  7. Blogging leads to a 434% increase in site indexing (SEO benefits)
  8. Gaming industry is now bigger than both the music and movie industry combined (Call of duty pulled in $350m revenue in it first weekend!)
  9. Defining a clear purpose (why you exist) for an organization leads to 15x greater market performance, and 4x greater revenue
  10.  90% of the worlds data has been created in the last 2 years!

This are some impressive stats, and to me, clearly highlighting the importance that mobile, social media, gamification and big data play in any organisations future.

If you also attended the conference, it would be great to hear about your experience and the key insights you gained from the event?


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