Why do some ideas fail when others succeed?

Ideas are the power behind innovation, they come fast and hard, usually uncontrollable and if they are not harnessed correctly they will fade away quicker than they were born. But when is an idea a good one and why do some fail when others succeed?

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Search for time

The search for time..

First point of discussion for 2011 is time itself, specifically the search for it. Time has a relentless ability to disappear and no matter how hard you plan to manage it you will always lose the battle with the clock and find yourself searching for more time in the day.

The value and cost of ‘using time’ is obvious – it’s your life, you only get one shot at it and you certainly don’t plan to waste it. The opportunity for digital technology to find more of it for the average consumer has been spoken about for decades. But are we succeeding at being more efficient? Or are we merely adding more ‘time wasting’ steps into our lives?

Let’s review the realities of our digital life.

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Social Pollution in the digital world

Social Pollution in the digital world – how to control the noise?

Social Pollution is creeping through every facet of my digital life, it is overwhelmingly loud and somewhat never ending. It makes it difficult to concentrate, impossible to unwind and yet there seems no way to control it. I blame you all (and myself)! And I am assuming most of you know exactly what I am talking about?

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Anxious blogging.

So the blog is born. I have decided to join the millions of other online blogerati who distribute thoughts, insights and at the best of times wisdom to the billions of online users out in the wider, and constantly widening, web. I’m fully aware that less than 0.000001% of anyone out there will even get close to noticing my blog and most likely 0% will actually read these words. Yet there is an undeniable urge to write and write I shall do.

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